Additional Services

Opening Halls primary interest is to provide Not for Profits a marketing plan and then to action it to generate hire fees for the Not for Profit.

Opening Halls can offer other stand alone services such as;

Low cost web sites

Advice on commercial issues

Business and marketing plans

Business and marketing advice

Copy writing

Through our alliance with Chosen Software, we can also refer you for programming services such as application development for automation, software and technical support and computer disaster recovery plans..

Through our alliance with Debtpol Recoveries, we can also refer you expert service on debt collection at very effective rates with very effective results..

In addition to the above, Opening Halls offers services involving;

The negotiation of leases

The negotiation of the sale or purchase of property

General real estate advice and research

Opening Halls is not a licensed Real Estate Company, but has an alliance with a socially responsible Real Estate Firm. Damien Hudson holds the necessary Qualifications to engage in the above and when necessary works with a Licensed Real Estate Agent to deliver the above services.