Preserving Historic Buildings and Heritage

One the keys to being able to preserve any historic building is having the income stream to support it.

Opening Halls was born to save a historic building and allowed the Not For Profit that owned it to continue with its activities. The key to this was the income Opening Halls generated.

Not all of Opening Halls clients will have a historic building under threat, but the business owner Damien Hudson has a keen interest in history and heritage. He is very proud his efforts prior to establishing Opening Halls, and especially after, to save and improve old buildings of historical and architectural merit while staying true to their architectural heritage. Combining this with strengthening Not For Profits is a fulfilling and worthwhile vocation for all those associated with Opening Halls.

For two years Damien volunteered for a Not-For-Profit in Collingwood, Melbourne, advertising and organizing external hirers of it’s hall.

The hall was in poor condition and needed urgent repair. The Not-For-Profit was struggling to meet overhead, let alone being able to spend money on critical maintenance. It soon became evident to Damien that the nature of this volunteering while working full time put severe limits on the time available to effectively perform his volunteer role of generating critical income for the this Not-For-Profit.

Opening Halls was born from this volunteering and saved the Not For Profit facing insolvency.

This avoided the closing and sale of a historic building and valuable community asset while allowing that Not for Profit to continue with its core purpose.

Opening Halls was established to meet the needs of Not-For-Profit organisations requiring income without the resources to market and manage their buildings.

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Opening Halls

Opening Halls can be the key to saving buildings like the below by generating critical income

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