Offering Not for Profit space for hire

Offering the space your Not for Profit owns or controls for hire is a specialized activity.

This space might be a hall, room, theatre or even a carpark.

Opening Halls was born after a volunteer Hall Manager working for a Not for Profit realized that he, and preceding volunteer Managers, simply did not have the time to respond to hire inquiries. It had been years since such a volunteer has been involved in that organisation and that well meaning retiree simply did not have the modern communication and marketing skills to generate meaningful levels of hire inquiry and income. A great opportunity to increase the income of the Not for profit was being missed.

The ideal Hall Manager has the time to take calls, and show people your space in short time frames both during and outside business hours. Being in such a position gives Opening Hall’s Not for Profit clients the edge over other hire competitors.

The ideal Hall Manager is computer literate, with marketing and sales background and who has also have experience managing commercial businesses.

The ideal Hall Manager understands web design and Search Engine Optimisation.

The idea Hall Manager understands that Not for Profits have different drivers beyond income and that their focus is on service delivery. Income and hiring space must be secondary to the core activities of the Not for Profit.

The ideal Hall Manager has a background or knowledge of Real Estate and also has the Public Relations skills to represent your Not for Profit to the wider community.

If your Not for Profit could benefit from having a Professional Hall Manager effectively offering your space rent or hire – please click here to find out more about Opening Halls.