Marketing your Hire Space

"All endeavours in life must begin with a goal. Regardless of the difficulty of the goal and the complexity of the process and the strategy to achieve it, the goal must remain at the forefront. Questioning if it is being achieved must become the primary test of all actions."

Damien Hudson, founder of Opening Halls.

All marketing activities must work with minimum investment for maximum return.

So the calls and emails begin to roll in. One of the key activities of Opening Halls is to handle that inquiry and organise the use of hirers from initial inquiry to the conclusion of the hire.

No organisation we have dealt with has the capacity to construct and implement a marketing plan and then deal with the resulting business inquiries, then consistently and constantly complete the hire transactions from start to finish. Opening Halls exists to help organisations without the resources to make that happen.

Opening Halls is the perfect solution to see you offer your space for hire with meaningful results without your current staff and volunteers becoming distracted from their main roles.

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For organisations that engage Opening Halls to deal with their hire space, the primary objective will be to generate income from external hirers. Hence marketing plans and activities must begin with that goal, the success of which must be constantly monitored.

The core marketing message we will communicate is the offering of your hire spaces for reputable activities to be undertaken by external hirers.

Secondary Messages will support the engagement of potential hirers, and also the primary purpose of each of our Not for Profit clients.

The core of any marketing plan is a communication strategy to achieve a specific result defined by its goal. The best marketing plans are part of an overall Business Plan with measurable financial outcomes. Opening Halls can write a Business Plan for your Organisation, or the Marketing Plan to form part of our existent business plan or strategy.

The marketing goal will also be tempered by the operational needs of your organisation and its values. Hirers engaged in activities contrary to your organisation’s values or who many bring your organisation into disrepute with your stakeholders will be refused hire, so it is important Opening Halls has a good understanding of the values of your organisation as one of the first steps in our relationship and actions.

Initially, the central tool in communicating the “hire” message is advertising. Later, word of mouth and repeat business can become more important, but advertising will almost always play a part in your success.

Opening Halls is particularly cognizant of the frequent financial limitations of Not For Profits and that all expenditure away your core activities and purpose reduces your service delivery.

Any advertising investment must show a measureable return.

This will be the nett income generated by hire activities.

News Flash

If you're reading thinking you cant afford advertising, in the 2011-12 financial year we directed a client to spend less than $200 advertising for the whole year and generated over $37,000 in hire fees from external hirers. So, keep reading.

There should be a focus on the quality of each hire and the income they generate after costs, not on volume and not necessarily on frequency. Expertly balancing these commercial elements is one of the strengths of Opening Halls.

Opening Halls focuses on low and NO cost advertising, particularly on the internet.

As a very brief summary;

All Opening Halls marketing plans will entail;

~ Consideration of your current communication strategy and tools.

~ Consideration of your operational needs and core values of your organisation.

~ Consideration of any existing “hire” advertising and internal communication tools.

~ Consideration of potential and preferred target markets to use your space.

~ The identification of market segments and target markets for hire

~ Mutual agreement on target markets to pursue.

The majority of marketing plans will entail;

~ Establishment of a dedicated web site to advertise your hire space.

~ The dedicated web site will also carry some information on your Not For Profit

linking back to your primary site describing your core activity.

~ Where appropriate, a ”hire our facilities” presence on your main site will be

established, but this is not essential.

~ Extensive use of free and low cost web advertisements and listings, to drive your

hire audience to your hire site.

~ Use of Search Engine Optimization strategies to increases your visibility without

paid advertising.

~ Other marketing tools will be considered in the context of the target markets for your

hire space and budget.

Opening Halls Marketing Overview

In conjunction with you, we examine your organisation and operational situation and then collaboratively formulate a tailored and effective marketing plan with minimum investment for maximum return.

Then we action that marketing plan, handle the booking inquiries and the business that it generates and work in your Not For Profit's best interest to successfully engage with hirers of your space.