Opening Halls is a Marketing and Management Service for Not For Profits to allow them to generate income by hiring the space they control to external hirers.

Offering your community space for hire is a business, and as such needs to be properly resourced – you need to be ready and able to engage effectively with potential customers.

Most volunteer building managers do not have the available time to the to do that, and those that do, often lack the critical marketing skills to bring customers to your enterprise and the financial, public relations, and sales skills to maximize hire opportunities.

Opening Halls solves this problem beautifully, without the cost of having to take on staff.

If you’re reading and thinking you can't afford advertising, in the 2011-12 financial year we directed a client to spend less than $200 advertising for the whole year and generated over $37,000 in hire fees from external hirers. By mid 2014, that $200 investment returned over $100,000. By 2015 that $200 was still at work and returned over $250K under our management. In 2019 and beyond, it will continue to grow.

If you're reading this thinking you don't have the staff or volunteers to resource such activity, we specifically fix that too.

Solving these problems is the whole point of Opening Halls.

So, please keep reading.

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